I will procrastinate on charity no more

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Making a Kiva loan is something I’ve procrastinated on for years. I don’t have a clue why. I thought it was brilliant from the start. I had the money, and I know the micro loans system is changing the world person by person.

kivaI needed one of my own productivity experiments to finally make my first loan. I chose it as a reward for me, to reward myself for finishing something I had procastinated on. But… even after I’d deserved my reward, it took me months to make that first loan. It was only when a facebook friend posted a link that I finally did it. Apparently I needed a clickable link before I took that first step. Ouch.

I will not let that happen again. Today, as I went for a walk, I realised I can easily decide when to make my next loan. Each time a new client signs up for my services, I will make a new Kiva loan. When an old loan gets repaid, I will reinvest it. This way, growing my business will help others to grow theirs too.

I’m not sharing this because I hope this makes you more interested in my business. I’m sharing it because I hope you’ll think about making a Kiva loan too. If you can’t afford the money, you can always share their good work through social media.

If, like me, a clickable link is all you need, click here.

I’m also curious to hear about other ways that people have tied their businesses to charity in a way that really suits them. Please share, you may inspire others!


4 Comments on “I will procrastinate on charity no more”

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    I love Kiva – wonderful to see the same money go around the world multiple times. Good Return is another fabulous micro lending platform – they service women in some different countries to Kiva.

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    I Love your method! I especially liked the clickable link you added at the end. I is interesting that something small like that can actually light the fire for you taking action. What is even more exciting, is now you know one more thing that can light the motivation fire under you. I think most people respond to something a lot faster if it is simple and easily accessible.

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