Why I do what I do

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I hope you’re not seasick after watching this 🙂

Now why post such an imperfect video? It was an unprepared test of my camera, never meant to be seen by anybody but me. And I realised I’ll probably never be more natural in front of a camera then I was that day. So it’s not perfect, but it’s showing who I am…

Pleased to meet you, reader!

4 Comments on “Why I do what I do”

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    Congratulations on your first video! Yes, in general, I think procrastination makes people unhappy. It’s funny how you mentioned the relationship cleaning thing. I remember a time when one of us was ready to clean, we expected to other to clean as well. Doesn’t always work that way. Now, we have a schedule time each week to clean, everyone cleans, helps solve some of those issues.

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    Very friendly and inviting video and you presented your work with a clarity that de-mystifyied it for me, and made it sound like a “friendly too” instead of a “deadly shore.” 🙂

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    Ik vind het stoer om een video te plaatsen die je zelf niet optimaal vind. Geweldig! Het maakt wel duidelijk waarom je deze site in het leven hebt geroepen.
    Een mooi begin, waar je op kunt voortborduren.
    Respect voor je doorzettingsvermogen!

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