What if we’re working on the wrong things?

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This video made me think – a lot. It’s long, but it’s worth watching. If you can’t find the time, or don’t want to procrastinate, I’ll share something of her message with you below this video.

Jane challenges To do lists, claiming that they hardly ever have meaningful stuff on it that makes us happy. Based on scientific research on happiness, she suggests working on PERMA instead. PERMA stand for:

Positive Emotions

It made me wonder: how much of the stuff that I’m procrastinating on is not related to any of these letters? And when it’s fear that causes my procrastination, how can I use those letters to overcome it?

I’m going to find out more about all this by experimenting with it in the Facebook group called Productivity experiments. Join us there if you like. And please tell me what you think about Jane McGonigals message.

One Comment on “What if we’re working on the wrong things?”

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    I watched it. Yes, the whole thing – it’s long, but like you said worth it. I only somewhat agree with her about getting rid of a to-do list. My problem is that I get so distracted, I forget what I want to be doing. To-do lists reminds me. With that said, I now question why I am putting something on my to-do list, I ask myself, what am I producing when I put this on my list? And does that production fit into PERMA. She says games fit into the PERMA category, and I agree but games keep track of where you and where you want to go and how to get there. That’s what my to do list does for me.

    I enjoyed the talk and looked her up. I see she has some TED talks, I’m gonna check it out 🙂 Thanks for the share and your thoughts on it.

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