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If you have an accent like me, and post stuff on YouTube, you may want to look for the captions setting. If such a thing exists. I’ll have a look in a minute.

I thank Dixie Nichols from Handmade Lives for this discovery. She posted about my fees on Facebook, and added “If you think that is bizarre try it with the captions on”. To be honest, I’ve been too embarrassed to do that yet. I’m first taking in my leanings from this incident:
  • I need to check my own videos after a while, even when I’m uncomfortable watching them (amateur stuff, you know).
  • One commenter actually believed that I think I can cure procrastination by saying “just do it”. Which I don’t believe in at all. Which means my video sends the wrong message.
  • Still digesting the feedback ‘bonkers’  and ‘weird’ 😉 Don’t know if I’ll end up liking those or hiding in shame.

I’m happy to say that some people who followed my free e-course shared how much they gained from it. They were talking about the quality of my work, which is what matters to me.

By the way, I recommend Dixie Nichols’ blog. It’s beautiful, well written and original. Her aim is to help UK craftspeople make a living. I believe in her cause. And I believe in my fees. For anybody who can’t afford them, there is a free course that delivers lots of value. Check out the feedback for their opinion holds more value than my own.

3 Comments on “Watch out with YouTube…”

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    Angela, I really appreciate the self-reflection here, and in general the pure honesty of your blog. It’s authentic, and I do agree with your ideas about procrastination- that it’s not a one shot cure all formula to fix it. I need to dig a bit deeper into your material. But meanwhile- I don’t understand why some people post negative stuff to their facebook feeds. I applaud your brave, kind and humble response to that person, even promoting her blog. It’s not easy to post videos on youtube! Your courage is inspiring.

    1. Angela van Son

      Thank you so much Jesicka. I must admit I have procrastinated on creating a new video video since this. It’s not easy indeed.

      But… I’ve joined a 30 day video challenge starting in January. I figured it makes sense to REALLY get over my reluctance and not doing it one video at a time.
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