Done is more fun than perfect

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Of course I know the official slogan is ‘done is better than perfect’. But let’s face it: if you’re a perfectionist, you prefer perfect. Perfect IS better no matter what practical people try to tell you. But… We might be willing to admit that perfect isn’t fun. There comes a point when our effort to make something perfect becomes a … Read More

Positive psychology against procrastination

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Oh, I’m excited! I’ve just read about new scientific proof that positive psychology works against procrastination. Or, to be more precise: elements of positive psychology can be really effective in dealing with procrastination. Tested on students who procrastinated on studying. Are you still with me? It’s good news, especially for people who doubt they’ll ever be able to deal with … Read More

How to tame your procrastination monster

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The next Get it Done Week, starting September 7th, is called “Tame your procrastination monster”. I wondered what would happen if you apply the wisdom of taming dogs to procrastination. Here’s the result, with thanks to There’s some serious wisdom in there. It’s natural and healthy for procrastination monsters to be energetic and alert. It’s not natural for them … Read More

Procrastination is (not) a habit

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Often when you read about procrastination, the writer will say it’s a habit. I tend to disagree. I believe the tendency to procrastinate is (partly) innate.  The part of  giving in to the tendency, THAT’s the habit. Procrastination often functions as a flight mechanism. It takes us away from things we don’t like or things we (unknowingly) fear. An unpleasant task lights up the same part … Read More

Self love against procrastination

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“Underlying unmet needs are the motivators for the actions we take.” Tamara Laporte talks about shame and guilt, and how these emotions are harmful instead of helpful. She’s not talking about procrastination, but all procrastinators know something about shame and guilt. Usually more than they care for. Low self esteem is a well known contributor to procrastination. It makes people … Read More

The Next “Get it Done Week” starts 4th May 2015

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Join Get It Done Week at Procrastination Coach. Learn how to get unstuck and get yourself into gear. Fab reviews at the bottom of this post:) From Monday to Friday, the daily tasks will help you get your things done AND learn how to deal with procrastination at the same time. We’ll be searching for what works for YOU, there are no … Read More

My first newsletter, what do you think?

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Sometimes the hard part about controlling procrastination is that you don’t even know you’re doing it… I’ve just returned from a walk outside, on a beautiful, sunny and cold winter day. I’m really proud of myself that I did it before I started my working day. I tend to procrastinate on self care: work first, me later. I know this, … Read More

Even procrastination coaches procrastinate

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Oh yes, we do. I guess that’s what makes us good at procrastination coaching. We know procrastination first hand. And second hand too 🙂 Making videos – take 1 My most desperate case of procrastination has been creating videos. It started well. I did two, inspired by a course on creating a blooming  business. Actually, the first one was just … Read More

I used to tell myself I didn’t care

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I’ve been working with procrastination for a few years now, but I keep making new discoveries. About procrastination, but also about me. I just had a Eureka moment. I’ve been fooling myself for a long time. Nice and dusty? I used to tell myself I don’t mind a dusty house. I was convinced it was true, until we hired a … Read More

Procrastination Poem

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I just found and lost this great procrastination poem. A good reason to publish it here: If I put off until tomorrow, That which I could do today, I will have more time today, For doing other things, or, That is to say The stuff that I would rather do Anyway. Which is the kind of stuff that may Not … Read More


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Reblogged from Baldypoems I sit with pen and paper but then recall, I must do the dishes, another stall, Check the mail and do the washing up, I fancy tea; I’ll have a cup, Vacuum round and tidy the mess, So many things to do, the stress! I’ll pop to the shop for bread and butter, I rush round like … Read More

To newsletter or not to newsletter

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I’ve been struggling with the idea of a newsletter. In general, I don’t like them. Also, I often don’t like the sign up process. I get the why and how of the whole thing, and I can’t blame people for using something that really works. I just don’t want to do it. But I do want a list. I want to … Read More

Get rid of your procrastination for good? No way!

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Please, please please don’t believe any article or method that tells you they have the cure for procrastination. Or that you can end it for good if you follow these four tips. Or the ‘How to end procrastination for good’ articles. That’s just not how it works. As any of the authors of famous books on procrastinaton will tell you… Which … Read More

Irritate yourself into productivity

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Most days I prefer a gentle approach to procrastination. Going to the core of what’s goin on, and taking it from there. But some days I just want action and progress, without too much thinking. When you notice it’s one of those days, you may want to try this technique. Irritating yourself into productivity. I don’t mean by beating yourself up or … Read More

Feedback for my free e-course on procrastination

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What a joy to read the feedback for my free e-course!   * Many many thanks for this free course! I will do it again to get maximum results. Wishing you much success with your business and hopefully you can sell this course a lot! Much love from Silke * Thank you for your down to earth way of speaking … Read More

Why do we procrastinate?

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The last book I read mentioned fourteen possible causes. It seems a miracle that we get anything done at all! I’m not going to list those fourteen, at  least not now. There’s a more pressing issue. I quote*: “Until you can see the function that procrastination serves in your life, you’ll probably put off trying our techniques.” For me, this is … Read More

Free e-course

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I’m thrilled to announce you can sign up now for my free e-course:  From do it later to do it now in 9 days Create a helpful mindset around procrastination and get results NOW! It’s here:

Rewards help you to stop procrastinating

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I’m doing an inventory of things that people can use to reward themselves. Because research has shown that rewards really help. So I though I’d turn it into an exercise. This way you get some support (if you need it) and I get loads of ideas 🙂 Here’s the exercise: Think about three things you procrastinate on. Think about a … Read More

Searching for images on procrastination

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I’m doing work on my website and blog, helped by the wonderful, knowledgeable (and fast) Lisa Cole from We’re brainstorming images for my website, images that people link to procrastination. I’m not really good at that… I’m looking for images that YOU (real people, daily life people) associate with procrastination. I’m not looking for the kind of jokes or … Read More