Procrastination Poem

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I just found and lost this great procrastination poem. A good reason to publish it here: If I put off until tomorrow, That which I could do today, I will have more time today, For doing other things, or, That is to say The stuff that I would rather do Anyway. Which is the kind of stuff that may Not … Read More


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Reblogged from Baldypoems I sit with pen and paper but then recall, I must do the dishes, another stall, Check the mail and do the washing up, I fancy tea; I’ll have a cup, Vacuum round and tidy the mess, So many things to do, the stress! I’ll pop to the shop for bread and butter, I rush round like … Read More


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Reblogged from Author Kristen Hope Mazzola: Here I stand Waiting and wanting Change is dangling from my hand I beg to make a fist My muscles wont respond Everything seems close but far My lungs let out a silent scream Victory is mine Only if I could want it Step forward Now leap Just once, just leap But here I … Read More