Goal Setting: Excuses, Procrastination and Self-doubt…..Oh My!

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Reblogged from Brandnu-ista Blog: Ah, the dreaded goal setting, it’s not our favorite thing to do but the benefits we reap far surpass the angst.  Yep, I know that sometimes things get in the way of completing your goals like your tired, you’ll do it tomorrow and maybe your just not cut-out for this sort of thing.  Wrong, wrong and … Read More

Get rid of your procrastination for good? No way!

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Please, please please don’t believe any article or method that tells you they have the cure for procrastination. Or that you can end it for good if you follow these four tips. Or the ‘How to end procrastination for good’ articles. That’s just not how it works. As any of the authors of famous books on procrastinaton will tell you… Which … Read More