The History of Procrastination Coach

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I just giggled a lot. My web designer posted my struggle from a black and white website to what I have now, with a slide show of things we said ‘no’ to. As a former historian I totally love this šŸ™‚

I’m proud to be a coach

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The word coaching gets a lot of rolling eyeballs. And yawns. At network meetings people politely don’t sigh. “A coach? How interesting. I just met 5 other coaches.” The term coaching is used so broadly that you probably can get clip your toenails coaching these days. Yet, I’m proud to be a coach. I think I was in secondary school … Read More

Get rid of your procrastination for good? No way!

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Please, please please don’t believe any article or method that tells you they have the cure for procrastination. Or that you can end it for good if you follow theseĀ four tips. Or the ‘How to end procrastination for good’ articles. That’s just not how it works. As any of the authors of famous books on procrastinaton will tell you… Which … Read More


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Reblogged from Author Kristen Hope Mazzola: Here I stand Waiting and wanting Change is dangling from my hand I beg to make a fist My muscles wont respond Everything seems close but far My lungs let out a silent scream Victory is mine Only if I could want it Step forward Now leap Just once, just leap But here I … Read More