Self love against procrastination

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“Underlying unmet needs are the motivators for the actions we take.” Tamara Laporte talks about shame and guilt, and how these emotions are harmful instead of helpful. She’s not talking about procrastination, but all procrastinators know something about shame and guilt. Usually more than they care for.

Low self esteem is a well known contributor to procrastination. It makes people believe they can’t do something, or fear that doing something will be hard. They underestimate their capacities, and avoid activities. Procrastination contributes to their low self esteem, so there’s a vicious circle happening.

I’m sharing Tamara’s video here, because I know her work can help. This video is part of her Self love TV on YouTube. If you like her style (I do!) she runs a free online course called Art and Healing where you can do deep work in a fun way.

 So if Tamara is right and underlying unmet needs are the motivators for the actions we take, what’s your underlying motive for procrastinating on a specific task? Ponder on it for a while and see what comes up for you. Knowing the real reason why might help you make changes!

6 Comments on “Self love against procrastination”

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    Thanks for this post, it resonates with me as most of my life I have had low self-esteem and confidence because I thought that I was not good enough and had to improve, and also had to make a good impression of which I never lived up to. This came from the past living with a strict parent, and from school days.

    Currently I am creating and writing a book and my past beliefs has effected me and procrastination appeared his ugly head, to say you are not good enough at writing to write a book.

    I have been working on healing myself and finding the real me under the negative thinking and clear it away. To find my voice and true personality and that I am good enough and have something to say and make a difference in this world.

    Shame and guilt of living up to my fathers expectations is a big one and thanks for highlighting that shame and guilt can be part of why to do not do something because of fear. I have found that fear is actually excitement and that it indicates you are on the right road.

    1. Angela van Son

      That’s such an inspiring perspective Jane: ” I have found that fear is actually excitement and that it indicates you are on the right road.”

      Thank you so much for sharing your personal and insightful story. I think healing is a big part in overcoming shame and guilt, just as self love when the critical voices pop up every now and then.

      Yes, write that book and make a difference in the world. Even writing this post makes a difference, it touched me. Thank you!
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    1. Angela van Son

      Get out of your comfort zone and work through guilt and shame. I love how the title of your blogpost fits into the conversation Kendra 😉

      I know you talked about hobbies, so I’m picturing knitting a blanket of forgiveness now. And lots of other things… One reason why I like recommending Tamara’s work (no affiliate thing going on) is that she has e free course on art and healing. I’ve done some of those lessons, and they were healing indeed.

      Creativity has been helping me to bring more balance into my life these last years. Which has helped against procrastination out of overwhelm. Living and learning!
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    This is such a huge issue for so many people. In fact (I’ll go out on a limb here), I would say that every single one of us is affected by shame, guilt and low self-worth. I had never thought about how this related to procrastination but now I can completely understand the relationship between them. Also, cool video from Self love TV. She shares some great perspectives. Thanks for sharing.
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    You’re so right! I so often put things off because I don’t want to face the challenge/am afraid of failing. And even though most of the time I end up facing it and finishing it off, the cycle starts over again!

    You’re so right that we need meet this with the right attitude and the confidence to kill it! Thank you for sharing.
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