Self care against procrastination

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64932_10151310850353397_1132596126_nLately I noticed all the productivity techniques in the world couldn’t help me. I just did NOT want to do what I had to do anymore. Not even the work I love (well, to be honest, except for coaching calls because I absolutely always like to coach).

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: listen to what your procrastination is trying to tell you. Listen closely. You might not agree with it, and there’s no reason you should oblige. But there can be a valuable message in there.

Mine was: you need to rest.

What helpful message is hidden in your most recent form of procrastination? The reply button is situated at the top of this post.

(I’m off to the park now… :))

4 Comments on “Self care against procrastination”

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    I’ve had those days. Right now I’m procrastinating cleaning – but this time it’s because I hate cleaning, then after reading this blog I thought, why do I hate cleaning? There really is no reason for it, the results are positive but then I realized it’s because I have to face letting go of material objects and I have a hard time doing that. Digging deeper I realize I don’t like throwing away things because it feels like I’m throwing away money or sometimes I feel like I’m throwing away a memory. Ack, I feel like I just had a counseling session. Your posts are always so insightful.

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      Joanne I’m really impressed with your reply. Great soul searching you did there!

      The only thing that bothers me now is that I feel I should look into my own adversity to cleaning… I will get back to you on that, but not on my day off. This one’s a frog 😉

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