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I sit with pen and paper but then recall,

I must do the dishes, another stall,

Check the mail and do the washing up,

I fancy tea; I’ll have a cup,

Vacuum round and tidy the mess,

So many things to do, the stress!

I’ll pop to the shop for bread and butter,

I rush round like a complete nutter,

Sweep the kitchen floor, make the bed,

I should be writing but I clean instead,

Dust the shelves, call my mum,

Then Gran and goodness!  I’m struck dumb,

As what I’m writing joins the conversation,

And I realise my foolish procrastination,

Make some food and dry the dishes,

See to the children, grant their wishes,

I must do this; I’ll just do that,

Feed the fence and paint the cat?

I’m getting muddled! I should’ve made a list!

There’s so much stuff to do that I’ve missed,

What was I doing?

I sigh and then I smile,

Of course, I was writing,

But I’ll do that in a while.


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