New look, what do you think?

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I would have loved to procrastinate on publishing the new look of my blog. Somehow it’s scary to bring it out into the open, even though people have liked it in the design phase.

You know what? It isn’t perfect yet… It might not even become perfect, ever… Ouch! But, to be honest, I jumped with joy when I saw the colourful design. The old blog was black and white, because I really like simplicity. If you like, have a look and compare:

Now there’s this. It’s supposed to send a message about what working with me is like. About who I am when you work with me.

I am too action oriented to wait until it’s perfect, even as a (recovering) perfectionist. Which also means I have the chance to ask you for feedback. Any feedback is welcome, for example:

  • Do you like it or not?
  • Do you think the design works or not?
  • What message do you think the new style sends about working with me and who I am?
  • Do you have suggestions what would make it better?
  • Etc. πŸ™‚

If you have no time or interest to come up with feedback, just wave and say hi πŸ˜‰

9 Comments on “New look, what do you think?”

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    I like it! It’s so much better than your last one. It looks more energetic, which you need when you are trying to be productive. I like the image of the eyes and nose, it has an artistic flair that I don’t see often. I think there is anxiety in it which I think many people feel when they procrastinate and I love the font, it has that protesting feel about it telling me to take action.

    They only comment I’d give and this is because I’m being critical (if I just came upon the site I’m not sure if I’d notice) I think there is ALOT of orangey yellow. Perhaps your background color can be a different accent color – brown perhaps. I don’t know if I’m any good with color coordination.

    Either way, I really like it particularly compared to the old site that seems muted in comparison. I get energy from this.

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    Your new site totally rocks, Angela!
    It is very engaging. I went to all the tabs and found each one of them inviting.
    I also like how clear this comment part is.

    I’m crazy about the colors, font and art work. I agree with Joanne about the color around the outer edge. I’d try the color in NOW & the color around the eyes.

    I’m glad to see what you’ve been creating πŸ™‚
    Congratulations on a job well done!

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    Deze look is veel sterker dan de oude, komt meer ‘binnen’. De letters zijn sterk, ‘NOW’ trekt de aandacht. De oogjes met frons geeft het iets menselijks.
    De tabjes boven is prettig in gebruik.
    Leest prettig.
    Proficiat met deze site, vooral met je eigen ontwerp en idee!

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    Gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe site, Angela! Een warme ontvangst met de zonnige kleur, dat oogt prettiger dan het zwart/wit op de oude site. Mocht je nog andere bij het warme geel passende kleuren willen uitproberen dan is deze tool wel handig:, daar kun je ΓΊren mee spelen πŸ˜‰

    Misschien dat een paar tintjes lichter geel in de header al genoeg is om iets meer contrast aan te brengen, en toch dat ‘warm-bad-gevoel’ te houden.

    Je site oogt persoonlijk en is daardoor laagdrempelig. Een paar minor details (witregels en dat soort dingen) stuur ik je per mail, noem het maar beroepsdeformatie!

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    I LOVE IT…. love the colors…abrowner orange might provide more contrast but I love the orange…. if shades of Colorado is the only tweaking you have to do lolol you are right on the mark. Drew me in immediately… I think the banner graphics are absolutely perfect and I smiled right away when I saw them as the seemed to sing… “procrastinator..Yes You…I can help!!!!” πŸ™‚

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