Irritate yourself into productivity

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Most days I prefer a gentle approach to procrastination. Going to the core of what’s goin on, and taking it from there. But some days I just want action and progress, without too much thinking.

When you notice it’s one of those days, you may want to try this technique. Irritating yourself into productivity. I don’t mean by beating yourself up or anything that attacks your feeling of self worth. That’s a no go.

Think about an outside thing that really irritates you? For me it’s music I don’t like. That winds me up completely. My experiment was to fill my procrastination time with music I don’t like at all. I was ready to write this blog in no time!

I put on this anti procrastination song, which is called… anti procrastination song. Since I like the original, I played this cover

What can you do to irritate yourself into productivity in a good way?

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