I’ll do anything to avoid planning

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This week I have public accountability going on with a lovely visitor of my Facebook page. We were talking about how difficult it can be to keep the focus, and how planning helps. But that it can be SO difficult to keep to your planning. So we agreed to observe ourselves, to find out what was going on at the moments we digressed from our planning…

In case of drowning: plan!

What I liked tabout the plan, is that it would help me plan more. I work freestyle as much as I can, and only use planning when I think I need it badly. In case of drowning: plan! Which, as you can guess, doesn”t work out well. I’m supposed to use planning to keep me from drowning in the endless  sea of tasks and chores.

So, I planned to plan. And found out it was a recipe for procastination. Big time. Look at all that I got done today:procrastination monster on the floor

  • promoting my free e-course
  • helping a collegue
  • buying presents for my son’s birthday
  • following up on a lead
  • partcipating in an online course
  • bringing glas to the recycle station
  • grocery shopping in the eco-store
  • doing work related stuff on social media
  • e-coaching clients
  • going out for a walk for self care

I have ticked many things off my list. And added new things that I could tick off straight away. But the planning item with the exclamation mark is still yelling ‘Pick me! Pick me!’.

Helping myself out

Of course I know how to get out of this. I’m Procrastination Coach. So I’ll write ‘Writing a blog post’ on my to do list for today, and tick it off. I will close my e-mail and Social Media for a while, until I’ve done a Pomodoro of planning. And I’ll reward myself with a nice REAL break afterwards: going outside for a walk.

Please inquire if I have done my planning. I might need accountability more than any of the other good things I’ve suggested. I will do anything to avoid planning…

(“Oh, but the post needs images…” Already my first excuse pops up in postponing the plan I’ve just made. I’m not giving in this time! I’ll not even do a spell check)


7 Comments on “I’ll do anything to avoid planning”

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    So have you done your planning 🙂
    My problem with lists is that sometimes I complete everything on it but don’t feel I got anywhere and then I wonder if I put the right things on my list. I’ve decided to work on a bigger picture and work my way down to a little list. Some things are just life stuff and do add to that bigger picture but it is a lifestyle to keep up too
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    I’ll ask too – did you plan??!!!

    I had success a few months back doing really well with planning out my days. And then I stopped using that tool. And I’m back to not really getting things done too well until the last minute. So I too have to get back to planning!!


    1. Angela van Son

      Try it again Michelle, you may be as happy and productive as I was today! It looks like I resisted the idea of planning and not the actual activity. I have planned ahead until March 3, so I’m curious to see how I’ll do at sticking to my planning. Maybe I’ll even like THAT more than I expect. That would be lovely.

  3. Angela van Son

    Yes I did Ada, thank you. And I got a boost of productivity afterwards! To my own surprise, I mind of liked the planning. It goes to show: you never know 😉

    Working on the bigger picture sounds like a great idea. It will give direction, motivation and a sense of accomplishment. Those little things will get done in the wake of the bigger plan.

    I’m curious to hear how this will work out for you.
    Angela van Son recently posted…Goal Setting: Excuses, Procrastination and Self-doubt…..Oh My!My Profile

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    I am pretty inconsistent about planning. Always I have a list of the things I need to do today or soon. That list is important! Beyond that I have lists and lists of things that it would be good for me to do, but instead of checking them, I just ask myself what I feel like working on today, and then I do that. Other days I ask myself what the one big task I want to do today is, and do that before I do what I just feel like working on. Usually this works out.
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