The History of Procrastination Coach

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I just giggled a lot. My web designer posted my struggle from a black and white website to what I have now, with a slide show of things we said ‘no’ to. As a former historian I totally love this 🙂

The original Procrastination Coach website

The original Procrastination Coach website

2 Comments on “The History of Procrastination Coach”

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    Ahhh….I remember it well! It was so exciting! And you involved
    us all in the conversation. I still love it! I continue to enjoy the journey with you.
    i benefit everyday from what I learned – first in the e-couse, AND, most importantly in the deeper one-on-one work that we’ve started.
    You helped me develop a couple of very important
    habits of thought and schedule management.
    My life is more on track – it makes all the difference in the days – what I choose to do,and how I handle the pressure.

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