My first newsletter, what do you think?

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Sometimes the hard part about controlling procrastination is that you don’t even know you’re doing it…

I’ve just returned from a walk outside, on a beautiful, sunny and cold winter day. I’m really proud of myself that I did it before I started my working day. I tend to procrastinate on self care: work first, me later. I know this, so I’m working on it. I know I feel so much better after a walk and some fresh air. I even have a work related excuse if I need it: I get lots of creative ideas when I’m walking.


This time I got an insight: I’m procrastinating on writing a newsletter for you. You may have read my blog post where I explain my relationship with newsletters. I guess that’s one thing that was holding me back. But I had more things going through my head, I realised this morning:

  • The newsletter has to be brilliant, so that you’re really happy to receive it.
  • I have to offer a very inspiring freebie or bonus, because I’ve named this my Bonus and Freebie list.
  • Today is not a good day for writing a newsletter… (fill in the blank, a different reason each time).

I’ve learned that when I have two or more excuses for the same thing, it’s often a sign that I’m procrastinating. Does that sound familiar to you?

So I decided to write one straight away. Brilliant or not. But hopefully useful for you to get you thinking about what you want to start doing. Today 🙂

Bonus and Freebie

  1. If you’re new on the list, you can download a guided visualisation on procrastination. People have reported great results from it, so give it a try.
  2. I’m searching for guinea pigs for a new service that’s not on my website yet: e-mail coaching. It’s a Pay What You Want deal. You can learn more about this idea in this video.
  3. The next free e-course starts on 3rd March. It’s the last time this course will be free.

And for DIY: check out my blog post on designing accountability with somebody, to help you get things done.

Thanks for being on my list!


PS Mailchimp says that over 50% of the receivers opened this newsletter. Thta’s pretty good I think. My challenge is to keep up that number 🙂

14 Comments on “My first newsletter, what do you think?”

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    Congratulations, both on getting out the newsletter and realizing why you’re procrastinating on it. I agree that two or more “reasons” for not doing something is often a sign of procrastination. For me, it’s also often a sign that I haven’t broken down the task properly. If I can break it down into small enough chunks, that’s usually enough to get me started.
    Juli Monroe recently posted…Never Say Never As a WriterMy Profile

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        Angela, I look at a task and try to break it down into chunks that make sense and can be done (and checked off) quickly. For example, when I was researching what was involved to release paper copies of my books, I broke it down something like this:

        1. Email book formatting company for cost
        2. Talk to cover designer about cost
        3. Check Create Space requirements

        If I’d just had the task as “research requirements and cost,” I would have procrastinated it. But each of those chunks were easy and obvious, so I just did them. And discovered that it’s not nearly as expensive as I thought it would be. (I’ll be blogging about it later today, in fact.)

        Does that answer it?
        Juli Monroe recently posted…Never Say Never As a WriterMy Profile

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          I’m a seat of the pants writer, not a plotter, so it doesn’t always work as well for writing (at least for me). I just kind of go with it. When I do get stuck, I can sometimes break down the rest of the story into pieces, and then I check them off as I go. Unfortunately, for the current book, that’s not working as well for some reason.

          For articles, I don’t usually need to break it down, although I guess I do in my head, without consciously thinking about it. Short stories are usually short enough that I don’t need to. I just kind of figure out the beginning and the end and fill in the middle as it comes.
          Juli Monroe recently posted…Never Say Never As a WriterMy Profile

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    This is a great start. I’ve told you before and it bears repeating that one thing that was so very helpful to me during the e-course was knowing you have the same issues we all do. You were not some polished goddess telling us if only we did “x” we would achieve “y”. You understand that there are reasons and you are helping us identify them and recognize the steps we can take to move successfully through that. You demonstrated that again today with this publication!! Yeah!!!

    1. Angela van Son

      That’s the first time I’ve been called a go-to expert Virginia, I love it.

      I think it helps that I know the experience from the inside out. Including resistance to many good tips.

      I’ve added all the knowledge and experience built up my professional career as a trainer and a coach to the mix. And fun I think 😉
      Angela van Son recently posted…Even procrastination coaches procrastinateMy Profile

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    Your freebie is your advice. Many of your blog posts on procrastination – how does it make you feel? why do you procrastinate? How to overcome? I hope you see that as your freebie. and yeah another free e-course :0) I feel spoiled
    Joanne recently posted…10 ideas for shaking bad JuJuMy Profile

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