Feedback for my free e-course on procrastination

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What a joy to read the feedback for my free e-course!


* Many many thanks for this free course! I will do it again to get maximum results. Wishing you much success with your business and hopefully you can sell this course a lot! Much love from Silke

* Thank you for your down to earth way of speaking to us.

* Thanks, I now realize I can make a change if I put in the effort. Especially my frog-eating has improved, I have to keep on working on the planning and the chunks.

* I loved loved getting the emails.  It reminded me to take a moment that day and work on my bad habits 🙂

* I think the course was very gently paced and I was very happy about that. I enjoy when things are a bit more detailed like offering to look at ourselves but I feel that for that you might need a longer time or a face to face coach! Otherwise I have taken really valuable things from Angela. Thanks!

* Thanks and a big hug 🙂

* Just the anouncement of the e course led to an epiphany: I cause my own stress by procastinating. Avoiding for example administration and complicated conversations doese not make them go away, it only creates an endless to-do-list in my head. The e course (only 9 days) made me deal with unpleasant chores, and made me realize the importance of planning and cutting tasks into chunks that can be handled one by one. All that in a pleasant and sometimes even amusing way. Although I did not fully use all the instruments the course had to offer – for I am a procastinator – , I now know how to reduce stress. A very valuable lesson

* I am sorry I did not participate more… I had flu. I hope to use the resources later .  My mindset about my clutter and getting stuff done has really shifted and I now appreciate the urgency of action and the toll my clutter is taking  and cost of having it. Thankyou.

* I liked the Facebook group and the support that was there.

* The free course has left me with a changed mind-set, I am now actually getting PLEASURE from tackling things I normally procrastinate about. The reward for eating the frog is simply how GOOD it feels to get it out of the way. Thank you Angela!

12 out of 13 respondents got stuff done.

12 out of 13 respondents reported a change in their mindset. (!!!!!!)

13 out of 45 people filled out the survey.

The scientific part of my brain is happy too 🙂

2 Comments on “Feedback for my free e-course on procrastination”

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