Even procrastination coaches procrastinate

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blushing_monsterOh yes, we do. I guess that’s what makes us good at procrastination coaching.

We know procrastination first hand. And second hand too 🙂

Making videos – take 1

My most desperate case of procrastination has been creating videos. It started well. I did two, inspired by a course on creating a blooming  business. Actually, the first one was just a camera test, that was never intended to go public. But I liked the spontaneity of it, and I like to challenge myself. So I put it in a blog, and put it on YouTube. (Right now I’m challenging myself to embed it here)

Done 🙂

Shame on me

I made a second video, and I put it on the homepage of my site. I didn’t think it was good enough yet, but as a recovering perfectionist I decided to publish it anyway. In rational effectiveness training this is called a shame attacking exercise. To do something you expect to feel foolish or embarrassed about. And shame I did get. Which I turned into another shame exercise, by writing a blog about it. It’s my most well read post. Yet another shame exercise 😉 What the heck, I’ll post that one too.


By any excuse necessary

So where’s this story headed? After all that shame, I quit making videos. Even though I knew my homepage needs a new one. And I want to integrate videos into my e-courses. But… I noticed myself come up with loads of very good excuses to not create one right now. Or today (Hmmm, maybe I should have recorded this video instead of writing it? Hmmmm). Excuses like:

  • I didn’t wash my hair today
  • It’s raining and the light isn’t right
  • It’s noisy now and people will hear it on the video

I’ve learned that having more than 3 excuses for the same item is definitely an indication of #procrastination.

Making videos – take two

Luckily, I get help. Rescue came in the form of Holly Sugrues 30 day video challenge: From zero to video hero. I regretted it as soon as I signed up for it, because I was pretty sure I would really participate. Ouch. More videos. More scary things. Getting over my fear of talking to a camera. Learning how to edit videos, even though I think that’s a hassle.


I bet you can still join if you want the arghhhhh too…


15 Comments on “Even procrastination coaches procrastinate”

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    I am so happy to have you on board for the Zero to Video Hero Challenge this is going to be so much fun! Great post! Why procrastinate when you can just do it already… =0)

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    Oh gosh, I know what you’re saying! Every time I edit one of my videos I cringe at the shadow behind me (because it was too dark to film without a lamp), the fact that you can hear noise in the background, my own stumbling… ugh! But I made a commitment and I’m sticking to it. There are better videos and worse videos, but this is ME and I’m going to stop hiding myself from the world. Good luck with this journey!
    Laura G. Jones recently posted…FREE authentic change workshop 1/7/14 at 7 pm ESTMy Profile

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    Hey, your human. Planning and setting goals is the only way I can hold myself accountable for the things I have to do. Oh and time limits. ;D

    Happy New Year Coach!

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    My excuses have mostly been about technical challenges, with time and my appearance also causing delays. I actually wrote the scripts for some good, short videos about family mediation two months ago, but I don’t have any videos to post yet. Maybe you and I can encourage each other.
    Virginia Colin recently posted…My Daughter’s Two MothersMy Profile

    1. Angela van Son

      I’m very happy to take part in the challenge Virginia. Today (day 2) had lots of technical difficulties and I would have loved to give up. I was very tempted. I didn’t though, and of course I’m happy about that afterwards 🙂

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    Congratulations on making the leap to video. And also for jumping in with both feet! 🙂 One sure way to overcome procrastination and fear is to join an accountability group that holds you to a higher standard and takes away all your excuses to just doing it. Thanks for talking about this subject. I think a lot of people are intimidated by video and I believe it’s such a powerful way to connect in a very personal and unique way.
    Michael Knouse recently posted…Episode 10: Katie Kelley – Being a Leader In Business and In LifeMy Profile

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    Gosh I can so relate! I am the worst procrastinator all the time! Not sometimes – all the time!!!

    I’m with you though, if I can find some group project or new platform for doing whatever I need to do, it helps me do it. I guess it makes it more fun or interesting or something.

    And I love to see progress, so doing like what you’re doing by posting your videos on your site is a great way to go! It’s just hard sometimes to get that angle on everything I need to do 😛

    Thank you for reminding me I’m not the only one out there like this, and thank you for the tips and good luck on making your videos!! 🙂
    Wendy Hawkins recently posted…Read This the Next Time You’re Ready to Give Up on Your GoalsMy Profile

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