Is it easy to forget your goals?

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Coaches and trainers work with goals a lot. They ask their clients to:

  • choose goals
  • define them positively
  • make them SMART
  • link them to their personal values

Until two hours ago, I thought that all that work on goals would make them difficult to forget. It’s what YOU choose, it’s what YOU want, it’s what YOU put energy into to define clearly. How can you forget that? Well, easily, it turns out. I had noticed this in clients already. But it didn’t fully dawn upon me until it happened to me.

Let me tell you abit about my story to explain. There’s something I’ve been trying to hide from you for months, and that’s that I have been dealing with fatigue issues. I didn’t want to share it because I felt it would be bad for business. Who would want to hire a coach who’s tired? Who would trust a coach who’s tired? Can she still be a good coach? It turns out that I’m still really good at the things that give my energy, like coaching. But stuff like marketing, networking, e-mailing, all those things suffered indeed.

So I was thrilled when I finally found a place that could help me. They made me fill out questionnaires for hours (seriously). I had to do a physical test (I almost ran) and a psychological test (I loved it). Finally they said they wanted to work with me. The first thing they did was work on creating goals. Positive goals, SMART goals, the right kind of goals. I was happy about them, agreed with them, even put my signature beneath them – I was all set and ready to go.

procrastination monster flat on backThis afternoon my treatment will begin. But when I went out for a walk this morning I found myself wondering: what were those goals again? I vaguely remember something about cooking once a week, walking 4 kilometers without fear of fatigue, but there was more. I know I had more goals, and I’m stunned to find out that I can’t remember them. I will have to look them up. How did that happen? Those were goals that really, really, really felt good when I made them!

So the answer is yes: goals are easy to forget. Or can be easy to forget. Even when you work with them professionally. It’s part of my work as a coach to help people stay connected to their goals. To not forget them, to keep moving towards them, and to deal with the obstacles that show up. But I expected myself to ‘just’ remember them.

During my treatment I will have people to remind me, keep me moving forward and deal with setbacks. They will support me in what I am aiming for: getting rid of fatigue. Feeling full of energy again, like the person I used to be. My help will start in an hour.

Is there a goal that you tend to forget, that you need support with? Is there anybody you can ask for support? If so, do it now! Because asking for support is something that many people procrastinate on. Let’s work on our goals together and stay in touch!




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