Done is more fun than perfect

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Of course I know the official slogan is ‘done is better than perfect’. But let’s face it: if you’re a perfectionist, you prefer perfect. Perfect IS better no matter what practical people try to tell you.


We might be willing to admit that perfect isn’t fun. There comes a point when our effort to make something perfect becomes a struggle. We keep on keeping on, but the perfect results just doesn’t seem to get close enough to reach.

Live footage: imagine me at this very moment struggling with the key word instructions on WordPress, loosing all my interest in writing this post.

If you find it hard to stop working on something, you may want to try fun as an indicator: are you still enjoying it as much as you did before? If so: continue. If not: stop for a moment, and wonder how far you’re willing to go today. Picture possible symptoms, like:

  • clenching your jaw
  • tension in your neck and shoulders
  • ignoring the fact you need to eat because it would mean leaving your desk
  • not leaving your chair even though your bladder is about to burst
  • barking at people who ask a question
  • *insert your own symptoms here*

And set a limit. You know you won’t be able to once you’re falling down your rabbit hole.

Will this tip help every perfectionist? I don’t think so. Will you be able to apply it? It depends, you won’t know until you try. And try again.

Remember: there’s not a tip on the whole wide web that’s suitable for everyone. All you can do is try, and have some fun in the meanwhile. Trying is better than perfect too 😉

2 Comments on “Done is more fun than perfect”

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