Conflicting promises

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Too often we promise ourselves things that conflict, without noticing it. “I’m going to take better care of myself this week”. Combined with “Nothing is more importsquare-monster-bandageant now than reaching this deadline” Guess who gets beaten up in the fight between these promises? Often it’s you. You’ll blame yourself for not reaching one goal, or the other.

Which conflicting promises have you made yourself this week?

I’ve actually been doing this all morning. The weather is beautiful, I wasn’t feeling too happy (I’ve been having health issues) so I promised myself I’d go outside and have some fun today. Instead, I’ve created a quick sale. I planned to work on it for about ten minutes, and now, it’s 2,5 hours later. Obviously, after writing this post it will be 3. But the weather is still good, and my mood has brightened!

So I can make this a perfect blog post, with the image size right and all the other settings right. Or I can risk mistake and go outside and create that fun day I promised myself…

The moral of this story? Don’t get hurt. Check your promises. Go back to the one that’s most important for you. Don’t fool yourself if you don’t: that’s procrastination too!

Which promise to yourself can you stop procrastinating on right now?

For the ones who wonder, a summary of the sale: Buy From Do it Later to Do it Now in Ten Days for $5 and save $45 dollar. Or e-mail me before September 1 to get a discount on my coaching rates (50% off for up to three sessions). It probably deserves its own blog post, but the sunshine is calling me! It’s been a very rainy summer.

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