Positive psychology against procrastination

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Oh, I’m excited! I’ve just read about new scientific proof that positive psychology works against procrastination. Or, to be more precise: elements of positive psychology can be really effective in dealing with procrastination. Tested on students who procrastinated on studying. Are you still with me? It’s good news, especially for people who doubt they’ll ever be able to deal with … Read More

How to tame your procrastination monster

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The next Get it Done Week, starting September 7th, is called “Tame your procrastination monster”. I wondered what would happen if you apply the wisdom of taming dogs to procrastination. Here’s the result, with thanks to http://www.wikihow.com/Tame-a-Dog. There’s some serious wisdom in there. It’s natural and healthy for procrastination monsters to be energetic and alert. It’s not natural for them … Read More

Self love against procrastination

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“Underlying unmet needs are the motivators for the actions we take.” Tamara Laporte talks about shame and guilt, and how these emotions are harmful instead of helpful. She’s not talking about procrastination, but all procrastinators know something about shame and guilt. Usually more than they care for. Low self esteem is a well known contributor to procrastination. It makes people … Read More

Is it easy to forget your goals?

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Coaches and trainers work with goals a lot. They ask their clients to: choose goals define them positively make them SMART link them to their personal values Until two hours ago, I thought that all that work on goals would make them difficult to forget. It’s what YOU choose, it’s what YOU want, it’s what YOU put energy into to … Read More

Are you procrastinating? Freeze!

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I had a bad case of procrastination going on these last two months. A simple chore, that I normally like: sending invoices. I had no idea why this suddenly was in my procrastination zone. But it was. Naturally, I felt incredibly stupid. A procrastination coach who procrastinates… I even managed to not try out any of my own techniques. (Which … Read More

Should you feel shame when you’re procrastinating?

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One thing I’ve noticed since I started Procrastination Coach, is that everybody procrastinates. Some seldom, some often. Some have their lives devoured by it, for others it’s just a slight nuisance. But everybody knows what procrastination is, and has experienced it first hand. Feelings about procrastination I feel the need to stress this, because of the second thing I noticed: … Read More

The dreaded New Year’s question…

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I’ve never been one for New Year’s Eve. I don’t understand why January 1 is supposed to be different from December 31. And the party always comes with the dreaded question: what are your New Year’s resolutions? I don’t know about you, but setting New Year’s resolutions always gets me worried that I will fail. Apparently rightly so, when you … Read More