Stop procrastinating on… starting

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Stop procrastinating on… starting Now that I have a book on Amazon, I have to learn more about self-publishing. How to do it in a way that works? There are tons of information out there, so I need to find a way to get started on it. Since starting is a key problem for many people who procrastinate, I’ve developed … Read More

My most boring tip against procrastination

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Are you ready for the most boring anti-procrastination tip I can give? Here it comes…. Get enough sleep! It won’t help against ALL forms of procrastination. But it helps against the type of procrastination when both your body and your mind tell you they want you to take it easy. This type of procrastination is often disguised as task aversiveness: not wanting … Read More

Are you procrastinating? Freeze!

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I had a bad case of procrastination going on these last two months. A simple chore, that I normally like: sending invoices. I had no idea why this suddenly was in my procrastination zone. But it was. Naturally, I felt incredibly stupid. A procrastination coach who procrastinates… I even managed to not try out any of my own techniques. (Which … Read More

Eat the frog

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I’m having loads of fun with my new Facebook group, called htts://  I started the group because each time I saw an interesting method, my response was the same: interesting, I should try that out one time. But I never did… So now the group is experimenting with a classic called Eat the frog. It comes down to identifying the thing … Read More