Rewards help you to stop procrastinating

Angela van SonBlog, Exercises13 Comments

I’m doing an inventory of things that people can use to reward themselves. Because research has shown that rewards really help. So I though I’d turn it into an exercise. This way you get some support (if you need it) and I get loads of ideas 🙂 Here’s the exercise: Think about three things you procrastinate on. Think about a … Read More

What does procrastination look like?

Procrastination CoachBlog, Exercises10 Comments

You know how monsters lurk under the bed, in the dark? And you know how to get rid of them? Right. If you want to beat your procrastination monster, you need to get to know it. Know it really well. What does your procrastination monster look like? Where does it live? How? What does it feed on? What are it’s favourite … Read More