My most boring tip against procrastination

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Are you ready for the most boring anti-procrastination tip I can give? Here it comes….

Get enough sleep!

procrastination monster lying on his backIt won’t help against ALL forms of procrastination. But it helps against the type of procrastination when both your body and your mind tell you they want you to take it easy. This type of procrastination is often disguised as task aversiveness: not wanting to do a specific task (not today at least), not wanting to do boring tasks, not willing to persevere – because it’s all so tough, etc. Mind you, you cannot turn this idea around: not all task aversiveness is caused by being tired. Not at all.

If you’re tired, you’re often more likely to procrastinate. And you think you SHOULD work, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. You either do something you think relaxes you (but feel guilty because you’re not working). Or you work really hard to keep working even though your system is telling you NO (and feel even more tired because of that battle).

Sounds familiar, anyone?

Sorry for the big mess of letter sizes today. I didn’t get enough sleep, so I’m shouting to keep myself awake 😉 This will be followed up by some relaxing activities today, as an investment in my to do list. I do try to take my own advice.

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