Angela van Son

I am… a coach, trainer, mother, girlfriend, loyal friend, visitor of concerts, reader of books and lots more. I love to laugh, and I dislike insincerity.

What I believe

I believe that coaching can help you make dreams come true, whether they are big ones or small ones. Coaching at its best is life changing – and you choose what changes you are looking for. I want to share that with as many people as possible. For making your life the best it can be is contagious. Imagine if all of us were at our best… Big smile!

What I care about

I’m dedicated to help my clients do things THEIR way and make that really, really work for them. In my own life I struggle to do things MY way. I have lots of rules in my head about how things should be done. Yet, I’m at my best when I let go of those and manage to just be with what’s there in the moment. For you, this might be completely different. I care about what works for you.

What I’m good at

I’m good at getting people unstuck who feel stuck. I’m good at helping people to create lasting change. And I’m good at making people like themselves better. People who have worked with me have told me that they liked my contagious enthusiasm. They value how I listen without judgement. That makes me happy – even more so when they get great results from working with me.

Why procrastination?

Procrastination often has debilitating effects. People feel stupid for not getting their things done, or not getting them done the way want to do them. They feel it’s their own fault. When people create their OWN way of doing things, it’s empowering. They feel in control, it makes them blossom: they are captain of their own ship. Ultimately, doing what matters to you makes you happy.

What coaching did for me (and can do for you)

Coaching made me feel better about myself, and has helped me create better relationships with the world around me. I’ve learned to aim for what’s meaningful to me, and not to settle for how things should be done.

Certified coach

You may like to know that I’m a Certified Professional Coactive Coach. Which means that the Coaches Training Institute has verified that I’m a good coach, who delivers great quality. It also means that I follow the code of ethics of the International Coaching Federation. If you’d like to know more about coactive coaching, you can click on the image below.

Certified Professional Co-active Coach

You can find out more about my professional background on LinkedIn, including more referrals. Don’t forget to check out my blog .