Positive psychology against procrastination

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Oh, I’m excited! I’ve just read about new scientific proof that positive psychology works against procrastination. Or, to be more precise: elements of positive psychology can be really effective in dealing with procrastination. Tested on students who procrastinated on studying. Are you still with me?

It’s good news, especially for people who doubt they’ll ever be able to deal with their procrastination. It’s possible. And it can even be a positive experience.book

I’m also excited for more personal reasons. For one, the method they used really ties into my style of coaching (co-active coaching). Looks like I’m doing the right things! Which I knew, but it’s nice to know that science knows too 😉

Another one is that they included coaching in the scientifically tested approach. They combined a course with coaching. They expected the results would be better with, than without coaching. I agree!

So what works?
– Talking about your ideals, core qualities, positive treats.
– Letting you feel these instead of only talk about them.
– Distinguishing between the procrastinating part of you and the leader part of you.
– Learning how to harmonise thinking, wanting and feeling.
– Learning to be present with either your task or your procrastination

Of course these need to be tied together in a coherent approach to be fully effective. Though I guess any one of them could make a difference in any of your procrastination moments.

I can think of many exercises and worksheets I’ve created the last two years that were aimed at this. Even without knowing this research was done. As always, I don’t believe in one size fits all. I’ll keep working from other ideas and methods, especially the ones backed up by science. But I’ll also keep experimenting with my clients, wildly and creatively if we must. I always search for what works for that one specific person. And they defy science sometimes 🙂

I could talk about this for hours, but I’ve got work to do. The next Get it Done week starts next week, and I’m going to create some lovely new materials for it. Inspired by the latest research 🙂

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