19 hours to go until my cast comes off… I fell down the stairs on July 2nd. Due to a wrong diagnosis, it has taken until now to recover from it. Tomorrow they will take the cast off, and I want to celebrate that!

The impact of having an injury for almost 5 months has been huge. I had to spend most of my time with my leg up on in the air, on the sofa. So I’ve had little chance to work, and I missed it. Both because I enjoy it so much, and because no income is no fun. I had to spend the money I had set aside for my education, and almost skipped my second year of the PSEN-program. In the end, the longing to go was SO strong that I decided to continue my education even though I didn’t have the money yet. A friend set up a Go Fund Me page, and people helped me to finance the first installment. I still have two installments to go.

What better way to celebrate getting back on my two feet, than by doing work I love, to finance the best training program I’ve ever been in? So here’s my offer: you can book a session at a reduced rate. If you like it and want to work with me more, I’ll make you a special offer as well on the next 5 sessions you book. With special I mean that we’ll find a price level that suits both your budget and my skills.

Book an appointment through Facebook, and pay ahead by using one of these links:
30 minute session, plus PDF self assessment

35 minute session, plus PDF self assessment

45 minute session, plus PDF self assessment

55 minute session, plus PDF self assessment

65 minute session, plus PDF self assessment and wrap up sheet

75 minute session, plus PDF self assessment and wrap up sheet


If we were Facebook friends during the period of my broken foot, I’ll throw in more. This could be extra time, extra worksheets, my e-book… depending on what you need, and as an extra thank you for being there for me. Emotional and practical support were the things that got me through this period!

Just so you know: The topic can be ANYTHING. Life, love, lust… Whatever you’d like to change in your life . Whatever you’d like to talk about to a good listener. If you need inspiration, check out my page with coaching vouchers. They make a great clutter free gift, with a low ecological footprint. Session can be held through Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp call or any other from that’s convenient.


I’m eager to get back to work, I’m eager to finance my education, and I’m eager to provide coaching to people who might not normally be able to invest in themselves like that.